IDC Insights Awards 2018

The IDC Insights Awards is a forum specially designed for today’s CIOs and IT leaders as a platform for open networking with peers and technology partners, immersive content by IDC India and WW thought leaders and, most importantly, to acknowledge and applaud the transformative initiatives that organizations have undertaken towards accelerating success.

Industries are today being disrupted! Enterprises are realizing that exploratory innovation cannot serve to either challenge, or orchestrate sustained disruption. Innovation through emerging technologies will be the leading driver of value and change over the next decade and beyond.

IDC finds that 89% of enterprises currently consider DX a major business priority. However, across India we find various levels of maturity among organizations that have embarked on a digital transformation journey.

In fact, a recent IDC study has even shown that 59% of businesses have become stuck, with no way to turn back and unable to advance. Organizations are now trying too hard to thrive in this New Changing world – with INNOVATION as the core.

IDC Insights Awards Summit 2018 will be an exclusive forum to discuss the success factors that organizations will need to create, to come out of such Digital Deadbolts under the Umbrella title: IDC Insights Awards 2018 “RACE TO MULTIPLIED INNOVATION” on 6th & 7th December 2018 in Chandigarh

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Theme 2018

Race To Multiplied Innovation

  • By this point, most organizations don’t have to be convinced about the need to go digital. The more pressing question is how to make digital innovation a reality; and more importantly, sustaining ‘multiplied innovation’. Multiplied innovation is the trait of going beyond creativity and leveraging 3rd platform and technology accelerators to drive heightened success and disruption in the DX economy.

  • A CIO’s biggest challenge in driving digital innovation is not technology! IT is leading assertive change and the IT domain, in its broadest possible sense today, is business-critical. IT must facilitate DX through their use of 3rd Platform technologies to create value and competitive advantage through new offerings, new business models, and new relationships. Focusing on multiplied innovation is one way to capitalize on these advantages.

  • As Per IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2017 Predictions, IDC advices CIOs to look at the evolutions and challenges facing them through the lens of digital transformation and the company’s digital transformation maturity approach.
  • By 2019, 40 percent of IT projects will create new digital services and revenue streams that monetize data.
  • By 2019, 75 percent of CIOs will recognize the limitations of traditional IT and embrace a leadership approach that embodies a virtuous cycle of innovation.
  • 45 percent of CIOs will shift primary focus from physical to digital and move away from BPM and optimization by 2018 to deliver scale, predictability, and speed.

  • It’s Time to Race to Multiplied Innovation
  • We need to realize that the path to Transformation is through Innovation. We're meant to move beyond creativity and move on to multiplying innovation @ scale and speed of enterprise wide change.

  • Sub-Themes

  • Theme 1: Scale to Accelerate

  • The paradox today is that organizations want to think big but start small and then scale fast! In the DX economy, there is no question that organizations need to revolutionize the traditional, rapidly. The need therefore, is for organizations to structure the enterprise in a manner that allows for revamping existing business models, creating digital architectures and digital tribes, while crafting seamless, authentic and immersive experiences for the ecosystem.
  • What then must Business and IT leaders do to revolutionize? With the broadening availability and commoditization of technology, organizations are mandated to create the framework for sustainable transformation that is suitably oriented towards disruption; thus, increasing stakeholder value. As organizations progress on their DX journeys, the ones that will stand out and disrupt are those that will successfully build frameworks for ‘Scale to Acceleration’.

  • Theme 2: Roadmap for Excellence

  • Digital determination is the ability to go all in as an organization with Digital and overcoming challenges. On the other hand, a multitude of organizations remain Digitally Distraught – running impromptu efforts or siloed line-of-business initiatives or worse still operating with a short-term perspective.
  • Determination therefore is, today, a must! In today's dynamic business environment, entire industries and traditional models are being disrupted and recreated. For organizations that are innovating to challenge or address this disruption, the importance of excellence cannot be underscored enough. The journey of excellence is therefore one that must be thought out and planned well – such that it helps organizations challenge themselves and achieve optimum potential.
  • The need therefore is for creating meaningful and systemic frameworks that will draw out the best from the available resources. Technology is that lowest common denominator that will enable organizations to orchestrate the roadmap - rethink the new vision, recognize the DX possibilities, reorganize priorities and finally, execute and realize the vision. The roadmap for excellence is one that will play a critical role in catapulting organizations from being Digitally Distraught to Digitally Determined.

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Countdown to awards

Nomination Categories


Excellence in Omni-Experience

A technology program or project which enabled discernible and measurable excellence in driving enhanced experience using a multitude of integrated channels; across the business ecosystem of customers, partners, employees and/or other stakeholders.


Excellence in Operations

A technology program or project which had a sustainable and measurable improvement in key business performance metrics via innovation and/or transformation.


Excellence in Revenue Generation

A technology program or project which resulted in a measurable and sustainable growth in revenue. E.g. penetration growth via technology implementation or direct revenue growth via new product innovation etc.


  • 8:00 AM


  • 9:00 AM

    Roundtables 1
    Roundtables 2
    Roundtables 3
    Roundtables 4

  • 10:00 AM

    Digital Innovation Sessions

  • 10:30 AM

    Welcome Address by Amit Malhotra, Managing Director, IDC India & South Asia

  • 10:40 AM

    Welcome Address by Title Partner

  • 10:45 AM

    IDC Opening Keynote - Focus on The Future - IDC Predictions by Ranganath Sadasiva, Director Enterprise Solutions, IDC India.

  • 11:05 AM

    Session by Title partner

  • 11:25 AM

    Diamond Power Session 1

  • 11:45 AM

    Diamond Power Session 2

  • 12:05 PM

    Human vs Machine: The impact of AI and Automation by David Reinsel, Sr. Vice President, Mobility, Security, Consumer, Semiconductors, Telecom, Client Computing and Imaging/Print/Document Solutions, IDC

  • 12:25 PM

    Lunch & Hustle at IDC Experience Zone and Start up zone

  • 01:20 PM

    Run the firm by Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director, IDC Financial Insights

  • 01:55 PM

    IDC Keynote - Future of Workforce by Navkendar Singh, Associate Research Director - Client Devices and IPDS

  • 02:15 PM

    Power Session 4

  • 02:35 PM

    Power Session 5

  • 02:55 PM

    Power Panel - Pace of Change by Ranganath Sadasiva, Director, Enterprise Solutions, IDC India

  • 03:35 PM

    Networking, Tea and Coffee Break

  • 04:00 PM

    Innovation Impasse by Rishu Sharma, Research Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC India

  • 04:20 PM

    Power Session 6

  • 04:40 PM

    IDC Closing Keynote - Sense Compete & Actuate by Amanjeet Singh Sethi, Associate Director, IDC India

  • 05:00 PM

    Closing Remarks by Christopher Holmes, Managing Director, IDC Insights Asia Pacific

  • 05:10 PM


  • 07:45 PM

    Award Ceremony & Gala Dinner

  • 08:30 AM

    Breakfast at Coffee Shop

  • 09:30 AM

    Roundtables 1
    Roundtables 2
    Roundtables 3
    Roundtables 4

  • 11:00 AM

    Cyber Resilience: Are you ready to play in the new normal? by Santanu Ganguly, Consulting Director, IDC India

  • 11:20 PM

    Power Session 7

  • 11:30 AM

    IoT 2.0 – The Nerve Center of Everything by Carrie, Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility

  • 11:50 AM

    Panel - Industry 4.0 by Christopher Holmes, Managing Director, IDC Insights Asia Pacific

  • 12:10 AM

    Grand Prize Winner Announcement

  • 12:20 AM

    Closing remarks by Amit Malhotra, Managing Director, IDC India and South Asia

  • 12:30 PM


  • 01:30 PM Onwards

    Airport departures


In Progress...


Eva Au


Managing Director, IDC Asia/Pacific

Amit Malhotra


Managing Director, IDC India and South Asia

Ranganath Sadasiva


Director, Enterprise Solutions, IDC India

David Reinsel


Sr. Vice President, IDC

Navkendar Singh


Associate Research Director - Client Devices and IPDS

Arjun Vishwanathan


Consulting Director, IDC India

Rishu Sharma


Associate Reasearch Manager

Amanjeet Singh Sethi


Associate Director, IDC India

Christopher Holmes


Managing Director - IDC Insights Asia Pacific

Carrie Macgillivray


Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility, IDC


6 - 7 December 2018 | Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh

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